How to take senior pictures in 3 easy steps

I’m back with another installment of photo tips! Senior picture edition 🙂
Here are some tips for that perfect senior photo!

Step 1: Never keep your camera straight/turn your camera sideways 

laurel and peaches 4


Step 2: Always take pictures at the railroad tracks (Remember to put Step 1 into practice)

*Important Note* Just make sure they’re not in use at the moment 😉


Step 3: Always take at least one picture with a tree or trees in the background



Step 4: Don’t take this seriously 🙂


How to become a professional photographer in 3 easy steps


Step 1: Buy a DSLR camera (Never mind if you have no idea how a DSLR works: just experiment until you figure it out!)

deer 4

Step 2: Start a blog (Remember, if you buy a DSLR your pictures will always be super high quality no matter what; so they definitely belong on the internet for all the world to see!)

birdie 2

Step 3: Start a photography business (Once you complete the first 2 steps, everyone is going to want you to take pictures for them.)


You are now officially a professional photographer! Congratulations!

Step 4: Don’t take this seriously 🙂

How to improve your online photography experience in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Post every picture you take all over the internet

Make sure to post EVERY picture of that amazing sunset you captured…

I just love scrolling through 75 pictures of the same thing!


Step 2Put the watermark on as BIG as possible. Always.   

Make sure to let the WHOLE world know that YOU took this picture

Copy (1) of Becca 4

Step 3: Be sure to post only your best quality photos

And there you have it. 3 easy steps to instantly improve your online photo posting experience!

Step 4: Don’t take this seriously 🙂

How to take great pictures in 3 easy steps


Step 1: Always take photos when the sun is at its highest point. 

As you can see in the photo below, this provides a lovely balance of light and shadow to your photos

Copy (1) of 024

And it’s not just for landscapes…utilize this technique with any photo you take. 

Step 2: When taking portraits of people and their pets, always make the pet the main focal point of the shot.

This always makes for a very pleasing composition, as you can see in the photo below


Step 3: Always do pet photography while standing up…as far above your subject as possible

This technique makes for a lovely portrait!


So there you have it! 3 quick and easy steps to instantly improve your photography!

Step 4: Don’t take this seriously 🙂